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Urbis Event in Bolivia

May 5, 2017
Urbis visited Bolivia for the first time and with the alliance created with Interbusiness, hosted an event at Hotel Camino Real to showcase investment opportunities in Miami and talk about current market conditions.  About 60 investors attended. Special guest Aventura Parksquare presented the city's most important project, known as the new center of Aventura. The project is composed of residences, an A Loft hotel, class A office space and medical offices. Only a few residences remain, all the commercial space is sold out. Forum Aventura, the areas latest condo office class A project, in a market where office vacancy is…
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Urbis Event at Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

November 11, 2016
On Thursday, November 3rd, Urbis hosted an event at Palacio Duahu - Park Hyatt in Buenos Aires. There were over 90 attendees, who enjoyed a wine tasting prior to the presentations. The event was an informative session on investing in the USA, like the experts do. Guest speakers included Jennifer Snyder from Snyder International Law Group, who spoke about legal structures and real estate processes, Sherley Haratz and Vivianne Stubbe from Haratz and Stubbe LLC, who discussed investor visas, Erika Rodriguez from Tax, Accounting & Financial Experts and Hebe Colli, Public Accountant in Argentina. Investors were exposed to legal and…
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Event at Capital Market in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires

October 5, 2016
On Tuesday September 27th, 2016, Urbis' partners Pablo Hoberman and Alex Rakover, with Nuevas Propiedades, hosted a dinner event at trendy Capital Market in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires. "We had the opportunity to meet with a group of investors, who are very interested in Miami" commented Pablo Hoberman. Urbis presented market conditions, which are very favorable today for foreigners looking for safe markets with growth potential. Miami continues to be a favorite destination for investors and buyers of second homes.
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Successful event to close SUMMA at the Park Hyatt Buenos Aires- SUMMA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT FUND

August 30, 2016
This past 15th of March, SUMMA had its closing event at the Park Hyatt in Buenos Aires. The presentation was led by Pablo Hoberman and Alex Rakover, both managing members of “SUMMA REAL ESTATE Investment FUND”, fund which focuses on commercial properties, specializing in retail; retail strip malls and shopping centers of medium scale in South and East of the United States. The event was a huge success with over 90 people participating and very interested in taking part of this first phase that closes at the end of March. SUMMA allows small investors to investment opportunities of higher volumes…
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