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Successful event to close SUMMA at the Park Hyatt Buenos Aires- SUMMA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT FUND

August 30, 2016

This past 15th of March, SUMMA had its closing event at the Park Hyatt in Buenos Aires. The presentation was led by Pablo Hoberman and Alex Rakover, both managing members of “SUMMA REAL ESTATE Investment FUND”, fund which focuses on commercial properties, specializing in retail; retail strip malls and shopping centers of medium scale in South and East of the United States.

The event was a huge success with over 90 people participating and very interested in taking part of this first phase that closes at the end of March. SUMMA allows small investors to investment opportunities of higher volumes and returns which are expected to be over 10%.

Are you interested in investing in Commercial Real Estate in the USA and receive returns above 10%?

SUMMA’s strategy is based on acquiring a balanced portfolio of commercial properties with investments of about $15 million, levering 50% to total $30 million.



Gary is a recognized expert in commercial real estate specializing in Retail Real Estate in the United States. From the early 90’s through 2004 Gary was President of Commercial Net Lease Realty Inc. (NYSE: NNN) the industry leader in single tenant corporate net-leased real estate. Under his direction growth from less than $15M in real estate assets to over $1.5 Billion. Gary is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), and one of the Senior Instructors in Retailing. He is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and instructor at the University of Wharton and the University of Denver. Gary has a Masters in Real Estate and Construction Management from the University of Denver.


Federico is Vice President of Ribera Desarrollos SA, developer of the project Ario Vicente Lopez and Vice President of Grainco SA, a company dedicated to the exploitation of shopping centers in Argentina. Previously he served as Commercial Manager for Cardon Group in the area of Real Estate development. He holds a Master in Business Administration from the IAE, is a Candidate for Master of Finance from the Universidad Torcuato di Tella and holds a degree in International Relations from the University of San Andres. He also received a Professional Certificate in Real Estate Finance and Development from MIT in Boston, Massachusetts.


Pablo contributes to the fund more than two decades of business experience, focusing on real estate developments in the United States. Member, Broker and Co-founder of Urbis Real Estate, shares since its foundation, his know how with his group of investors, Real Estate ventures in their country of residence, US. As a real estate consultant, stands out in the selection of properties and commercial structuring of multiple projects in recent years. Pablo is an architect at the University of Buenos Aires, with various specializations in business through its successful experience in the private and corporate sectors.


Alex brings to SUMMA an extensive experience in Retail Estate development and marketing in the US. Since 2007 as Partner, Broker and Co-founder of Urbis Real Estate, Alex has specialized in representing foreign investors desiring to invest in Real Estate. Alex is an architect at the University of Buenos Aires; MBA from the School of Business and Economics, Universidad de Belgrano; and Master in International Business ENPC & UB. Alex is a member of the prestigious CCIM Institute, where he received his designation in 2012 in Kansas City, MO.

SUMMA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT FUND: Presentation in Punta del Este

This unique opportunity to invest in commercial real estate in the United States was presented to a new group of international investors, at the Conrad Punta del Este this past 8th of January, 2016. SUMMA’s strategy is based on assembling a balanced portfolio of midsize retail strip malls and shopping centers. The fund will raise $15 Million in capital and leverage 50% in loans for total assets of $30 Million. This helps with the economies of scales for better professional management, improvements, and rental negotiations. For more information click on the SUMMA logo.